Furniture Making - Class XI Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Preparing Table Components

Description: Using circular saw machine and thicknesses planer machine.

Core Concepts: Using the machines in preparing table components.


2. Making Table Joints

Description: Operation of mortise machine.

Core Concepts: Making table joints.

Link: Video on mortise machine basics - how to use a hollow chisel mortise

3. Assembling Table Components

Description: Types of clamp.

Core Concepts: Assembling table components.

Link: Webpage link on woodworking clamp

4. Performing Finishing Work

Description: Types of sanding machine.

Core Concepts: Performing finishing work.

Link: Webpage link on a beginner's guide to the best handheld power sanders

5. Preparing Chair Components

Description: Parts of chair.

Core Concepts: Preparing chair components.

Link: Webpage link on parts of a chair

6. Making Chair Joints

Description: Process of making chair.

Core Concepts: Assembling chair joints, making chair joints.

Link: Video on building wooden chairs

7. Preparing Divan Component

Description: Preparing panel.

Core Concepts: Preparing divan component.

Link: Video on spindle moulder with sliding table

8. Making Divan Joints

Description: Functions of splinder machine.

Core Concepts: Making divan joints.

Link: Video on HDHQ spindle moulder machine

9. Drawing Stool

Description: Differences between plan, elevation, and section view.

Core Concepts: Drawing stool.

Link: Video on views and elevations