Arts Education - Class PP Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Big Arm Movement

Description: This tutorial video will help children learn how to hold a pencil and move their hands towards the development of hand control and balance. 

Core Concepts:  Big Arm movement.

Link: Video on how  to hold pencil

2. Lines

Description: This video will show how lines and shapes are used in basic drawing for the beginners.

Core Concepts: Lines.

LinkVideo on how  to use shapes and lines in your drawing

3. Observe and Colour

Description: This tutorial video will show how simple drawing of lines and colouring are done for small children. It has basic drawing and joining dots of lines.

Core Concepts: Observe and Colour.

Link: Video on drawing and colouring practice

4. Trace and Colour

Description: This tutorial shows how to trace over a picture and colour it. Basic to tracing and colouring.

Core Concepts: Strand - Trace and Colour.

LinkVideo on drawing and colouring practice

5. Clay Work

Description: This is basic clay work for small children. This helps to develop hand balance and control.

Core Concepts:  Clay Work


6. Frottage

Description: This activity will help children to explore experiencing with different materials for frottage.

Core Concepts: Frottage (rubbing)


7. Cotton Printing

Description: This video will help children print with cotton or sponge using colours. Children can also draw on the printed page with any designs they desire. They can also print on any outlines of their choice.

Core Concepts:  Cotton Printing


8. Finger Printing

Description: This tutorial video is a fun activity for small kids. They can play with different colours and learn alphabets.

Core Concepts: Finger printing


9. Vegetable or Fruit Printing

Description: This activity will make children explore with different vegetables or fruits to make prints or stamps.

Core Concepts:  Vegetable or Fruit Printing


10. Paper Plane

Description: This helps children to develop basic crafting skills.
Core Concepts: Paper Plane
LinkVideo on how to make paper plane

11. Tear and Paste

Description: This activity is intended to make fun and learn basic shapes by pasting on it.

Core Concepts:  Tear and Paste


12. Curves

Description: This activity will help children how to draw an object using lines and curves

Core Concepts:  Curves

LinkVideo on lines and curves

13. Tracing

Description: This tutorial will help small kids to trace objects and develop estimation skills.

Core Concepts:  Tracing


14. Colour Work

Description: This is fun with colours. Children learn basic skills of colouring techniques. They can colour on any outlines of their choice.

Core Concepts: Colour Work


15. Printing With Leaves

Description: Children can print any kind of leaves found in their surroundings. They can use any colours of their choice.

Core Concepts:  Printing with Leaves


16. Chalk Rub

Description: These tutorial videos will show how to make paper fans. This helps children develop basic crafting skills.

Core Concepts:  Chalk Rub

LinkVideo on chalk pastel lesson

17. Paper Fan

Description: These tutorial videos will show how to make paper fans. This helps children develop basic crafting skills.

Core Concepts:  Paper Fan


18. Joining Dots

Description: This activity helps children to sequence numbers or dots to form a picture. It helps hand dexterity and hand control.

Core Concepts: Joining Dots


19. Clay Work

Description: This tutorial video shows some basic clay work for kids. Children feel the touch and make them play in a fun way. It helps to develop hand control.

Core Concepts: Clay Work

LinkVideo on clay tutorial

20. Imprinting

Description: This is one type of imprinting activity for children. Children can use their own imprints with their choice of designs.

Core Concepts:  Imprinting

LinkVideo on sponge printing

21. Nature Collage

Description: Children can be taken out around schools. They can create nature collage using available things found around; twigs, leaves, flowers, roots, stones etc.

Core Concepts: Nature Collage


22. Doodles  

Description: This tutorial video will help children how to doodle to create different designs of their choice.

Core Concepts: Doodles


23. Me And My Family

Description: This will help children keep connected with their family members. it helps them to narrate their family stories in the form of drawings.

Core Concepts: Me and My Family