English - Class IV Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Listening Comprehension Exercise

Description: This link contains a video on listening comprehension to enhance listening skill.

Core Concepts: Audio text, and listening comprehension task.

Link: Video on listening comprehension

2. Question Tags

Description: This link contains videos on question tags. It contains positive and negative question tag, rules of question tag and exceptional rules of question tag.                                                                                                                                       

Core Concepts: Question tags, types of question tags, rules of question tags, positive statement- negative tag, and negative statement- positive tag.


3. Letter Writing

Description: This link contains a video on letter writing. It contains formal and informal letters.                                        

Core Concepts: Meaning of letter, formal and informal letter, and format of letter writing.

Link: Video on letter writing

4. Summarizing Story

Description: This link contains a summarizing story. It contains a summary, when summarization can be done and how to write a summary.                                        

Core Concepts: Learn about summary, tell when summarization can be done, write summary, learn about Big 5 and use it while writing summary.

Link: Video on summarizing story

5. Fact or Opinion

Description: This link contains the differences between fact and opinion. It contains the differences between fact and opinion with examples.                                        

Core Concepts: Meaning of fact and opinion, difference between fact and opinion

Link: Video on Fact or Opinion

6. Figures of Speech 

Description: This link contains figures of speech. It contains figures of speech and examples.                                        

Core Concepts: Figures of speech, simile, metaphor, personification and hyperbole with examples.

Link: Video on figures of speech

7. Spelling Strategies 

Description: This link contains spelling strategies. It contains how to spell words correctly using different strategies.

Core Concepts: Spelling strategies.

Link: Video on spelling strategies

8. Features of a Lyric Poem 

Description: This link contains features of a lyric poem. It contains features of lyric poems, samples of lyrics and poems.     

Core Concepts: Spelling strategies.

Link: Video on features of a lyric poem

9. Personal Narrative Essay

Description: This link contains a personal narrative essay. It contains the explanation of personal narrative essay, process of writing a narrative essay.     

Core Concepts: Personal narrative essay, and process of writing personal narrative essays.

Link: Video on narrative essay

10. Types of Sentences

Description: This link contains types of sentences. It contains simple, compound and complex sentences with examples.   

Core Concepts: Types of sentences (simple, compound and complex), writing simple, compound and complex sentences.

Link: Video on simple, compound, complex sentences

11. Parts of Speech

Description: This link contains parts of speech. It contains about eight parts of speech with examples.   

Core Concepts: Eight parts of speech (noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, verb, conjunction, preposition, interjection), and eight parts of speech with examples.

Link: Video on eight parts of speech