Mathematics - Class PP Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Attributes of Object

Description: This link contains how we can describe objects based on attributes.

Core Concepts: Identifying and describing attributes of objects

Link: Video on describing attributes of objects

2. Sorting Objects 

Description: This link contains how to sort objects into sets based on different attributes. 

Core Concepts: Defining sets

Link: Video on sorting one group in different ways

3. Comparing Sets

Description: This link show how we can compare sets with different objects. 

Core Concepts: Comparing size based on fewer, equals to and more than

Link: Video on fewer and more

4. Counting and Representing Numbers

Description: This you tube video link shows how to count orally till 10. 

Core Concepts: Counting numbers and representing numbers.

Link: Video on counting and representing numerals

5. Adding  

Description: The video link shows how addition is done using pictures. 

Core Concepts: Adding numbers using different ways

Link: Video on adding numbers

8. Concept of Subtraction  

Description: This video link contains concept of subtraction. 

Core Concepts: Subtracting numbers in different ways

Link: Video on subtracting numbers

9. Making Sets Equal  

Description: The web link shows comparison of two sets and adding on to make it equal. 

Core Concepts: Items can be added to or taken away from sets to make a pair of sets equal.

Link: Video on comparing sets

10. Ordinal Numbers  

Description: The web link shows how ordinal numbers are placed in position. 

Core Concepts: PP-A9 ordinal numbers till 10th.

Link: Video on ordinal numbers from 1 to 10

11. Repeating Patterns  

Description: The video link shows what is repeating pattern. 

Core Concepts: PP-B1 repeating pattern.

Link: Link is missing

12. Patterns  

Description: This link contains video which explains the pattern with pictures. 

Core Concepts: PP-B2 representing patterns concretely.

Link: Video on patterns with pictures

13. Translating Pattern  

Description: This link connects video which explains a translating pattern. 

Core Concepts: PP-B2 representing patterns concretely.

Link: Video on translating patterns

14. Length  

Description: The video link shows concept of length. 

Core Concepts: PP-C1 length.

Link: Video on measure of length

15. Capacity  

Description: The link contains video of explaining about capacities. 

Core Concepts: PP-C2 capacity: compare, order, sort (directly).

Link: Video on measurement capacity and area

16. Mass

Description: The given url links contains video to explore more on ‘mass’. 

Core Concepts: PP-C3 mass: compare, order, sort: (directly).

Link: Video on comparing mass

17. Position in Space

Description: The given url contains video on explaining spatial sense for preschool. 

Core Concepts: PP-D1 spatial sense: position in space.

Link: Video on spatial awareness

18. 2D Shapes

Description: The link contains video about 2D shapes. 

Core Concepts: PP-D2 2D and 3D shapes.

Link: Video on 2d shapes song

19. 3D Shapes

Description: The link contains video about 3D shapes. 

Core Concepts: PP-D2 2D and 3D shapes.

Link: Video on 3d shapes song

20. Concrete Graph

Description: This video link show how to draw a graph with its salient features. 

Core Concepts: PP-E2 concrete graphs (actual objects & people graphs).

Link: Video on using data to create a graph

21. Picture Graph

Description: This video link is about how to plot simple picture graph. 

Core Concepts: PP-E3 concrete (representational) & picture graphs.

Link: Video on how to read on picture graph