Agriculture for Food Security - Class IX Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Soil Types

Description: Online article, textbooks, or webpage that provides scientific description on the types of soil based on their characteristics. 

Core Concepts: Types of soil based on the characteristics or properties.


2. Soil Properties (Physical and Chemical Properties)

Description: Online article, textbooks or webpages that provides explanation on physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. 

Core Concepts: Physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.


3. Soil Testing

Description: Video that outlines the basic scientific procedures for soil nutrient content test. 

Core Concepts: Soil types and soil testing.

Link: Video on soil testing

4. Making Vegetable Nursery Bed, and Care and Management of Nursery Bed

Description: Textbook (REC publication) that explains the process of making vegetable nursery bed.  

Core Concepts: Vegetable nursery bed.

Link:  Class IX agriculture textbook (REC)

5. Procedures of Growing Cabbage, Bean, and Potato

Description: Technical reports or white papers that talk about the cultivation practices of common vegetables, such as bean, cabbage, and potato.

Core Concepts: Cultivation practices of cabbage, bean, and potato.


6. Cultivation Practices of Common fruits, such as pome, stone, strawberries, and walnut

Description: Technical report or white paper that talks about scientific practices of growing common fruits, such as pome, stone, strawberries, and walnut. 

Core Concepts: Cultivation practices of growing common fruits, such as pome, stone, strawberries, and walnut. .


7. Planting a Modern Orchard

Description: Journal articles, video, and webpage that provide scientific explanation on how modern orchards are made or constructed. 

Core Concepts: Making modern orchard for fruit bearing trees.


9. Starting a Poultry Farm

Description: Textbook and online book chapter that provide detail account on starting a backyard poultry farm.

Core Concepts: Starting a backyard poultry farm.


10. Equipment for Poultry Farm Construction

Description: Videos that provide rough ideas on the art or methods of constructing poultry farm or backyard.

Core Concepts: The construction of poultry farm.

Link: Videos on poultry farm construction

11. Feeding Practices of Poultry Birds

Description: Videos, textbook, webpages, or online pieces that explain the feeding practices of poultry birds for better production. 

Core Concepts: Feeding poultry birds.


12. Effect of Feed and Feeding on Chicken Performance

Description: Journal articles that offer insight on the effects of feeds and feeding on chicken performance.

Core Concepts: Impact of feeding on productivity of chicken.


13. Native or Indigenous Pig Breed, Exotic Pig Breeds; and Productivity

Description: Journal article, online article, and webpage that provide insight onto native pig breeds, exotic pig breeds, and productivity in Bhutanese contexts. 

Core Concepts: Native and exotic pig breeds; and productivity in Bhutan.


14. Management of Piggery or Pig Farm

Description: White paper, textbook, or technical report on management of piggery or pig farm (breeds, feeding, sow management, wearer management, etc.).

Core Concepts: Management of piggery.

Links :

15. Requirement for Pig House

Description: Video's that offer insight onto the requirements and procedures of establishing pig's house. 

Core Concepts: Requirements for pig house establishment.

Link: Video on requirements for pig house establishment

16. Swine Fever

Description: Videos that explains methods and strategies to avoid or control the infection and spreading of swine fever.

Core Concepts: Measures to avoid swine fever.

Link: Videos on swine fever and measures to avoid infection

17. Agro-Ecological Zone Map for Bhutan

Description: Webpage and textbook that contains agro-ecological zones of Bhutan (map) with the possible corresponding crop cultivation across the zones.

Core Concepts: Agro-ecological zones of Bhutan.


18. Healthy Eating Pyramid

Description: Webpage or online pieces that provide insight onto the dietary guides for healthy food and dietary habits or patterns. 

Core Concepts: Dietary guides for healthy food and dietary habits .


19. Forest Nursery

Description: Webpage, textbook, or online piece that provides explanation on the methods and culture of starting forestry nursery

Core Concepts: Starting forestry nursery.


20. How to Lay Drip Irrigation and Plastic Mulch

Description: Video that provides description on how to lay dip irrigation system and mulching to save water and nutrients. 

Core Concepts: Irrigation and water management.


21. Drip Irrigation

Description: Video that provides explanation on the dip irrigation system to save water and nutrients. 

Core Concepts: Irrigation and water management.

Link: Video on drip irrigation system for raised beds

22. Types of Greenhouse on the Basis of Construction

Description: Video that explains on types of greenhouse based on the basis of the construction. 

Core Concepts: Controlled environment agriculture (green house or polytunnel).

Link: Video on types of greenhouses on the basis of their construction and structure

23. Polytunnel Garden Introduction

Description: Video that explains the how polytunnel helps to produce more food throughout the year, and a wider range of vegetables

Core Concepts: Polytunnel for gardening

Link: Video on polytunnel garden introduction