Arts Education - Class II Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Straight Line

Description: This tutorial video shows how to draw straight lines and will help children learn the basics of drawing.

Core Concepts: Straight Line.

Link: Video on How to Draw Straight Lines

2. Curves

Description: Freehand Lines & Circles. Basics for drawing curves and development of hand dexterity.

Core Concepts: Curves.

Link: Video on Drawing Tutorial - Freehand Lines & Circles

3. Trace and Colour

Description: This tutorial on trace and colour shows the exact acquisition of required skills in tracing and colouring.

Core Concepts: Strand - Drawing/ Topic - Trace and Colour.

Link: Video on Trace and Color Bee

4. Cotton Printing

Description: This link gives basic knowledge and information on different cotton printing.

Core Concepts: Cotton Printing.


5. Fingerprinting

Description: Basic information on finger printing.

Core Concepts: Fingerprinting.

Link: Website on 15 Simple Keepsake Fingerprint Crafts

6. Clay work

Description: Simple clay work

Core Concepts: Clay work

Link: Video on How to Make Play Dough

7. Paper caterpillar

Description: Simple moving caterpillar.

Core Concepts: Paper caterpillar.

Link: Video on How to make a Moving paper caterpillar

8. Collage

Description: Different collages using different materials.

Core Concepts:  Collage.


9. Joining Dots

Description: Worksheet for learning activities.

Core Concepts: Joining Dots.


10. Colour mixing (primary)

Description: Colour mixing wheel.

Core Concepts: Colour Mixing (primary).

Link: Video on Color Wheel Tutorial - How To Mix Paint

11. Drawing fruits, vegetables, and flowers

Description: Some tips on drawing different objects.

Core Concepts: Drawing fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


12. Read and colour

Description: Worksheets.

Core Concepts:  Read and Colour.


13. Block printing

Description: Information and worksheets on different block printings.

Core Concepts:  Block Printing.


14. Clay work

Description: Clay work.

Core Concepts: Clay Work.

Link: Video on How to Make Play Dough 

15. Paper mat

Description: Fun paper crafts to make mats and insect.

Core Concepts: Paper Mat.


16. Drawing shapes and forms

Description: Simple drawing shapes and forms.

Core Concepts: Drawing Shapes and Forms.


17. Painting landscape

Description: Painting simple lessons.

Core Concepts: Painting Landscape.


18. Wax painting

Description: Easy wax painting for children.

Core Concepts: Wax Painting.


19. Glue Art

Description: Simple steps on how to make glue art.

Core Concepts: Glue Art.

Link: Website on Glue Resist Art Project for Kids 

20. Paper hat

Description: How to make paper hats.

Core Concepts: Paper Hat.