HPE - Class III Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Fundamental Movement Skills

Description: Outcomes of active healthy lifestyle.

Core Concepts: Leading an active lifestyles.

Link: Website on physical education/health education

Description: This book contains fundamental movement and technical elements.

Core Concepts: Fundamental movement skills and technical elements of the skills.

Link: PDF on fundamental movement skills

Description: Walk, run, hop, jump, skip, and gallop.

Core Concepts: Motor skills.

Link: Video on walk, run, hop, jump, skip, and gallop

Description: Dribbling skill.

Core Concepts: Dribbling skills.

Link: Website on how to dribble a basketball

Description: dodging skills.

Core Concepts: dodging skills

Link: PDF on fundamental movement skills in games workshop

Description: Lunging skills.

Core Concepts: Lunging skills.

Link: Video on physical education- Teaching PE-stationary lunges

2. Safety and First Aid for Active Participation

Description: Correct body postures on daily activities.

Core Concepts: Correct body of sitting, standing, lying, sleeping, writing, and lifting, pushing, and pulling objects.

Link: Website on back health and posture

Description: Proper sitting posture.

Core Concepts: Correct sitting posture.

Link: Video on proper sitting posture

Description: Proper standing position.

Core Concepts: Correct standing position

Link: Video on what’s a good standing posture?

3. First Aid for Supporting and Saving Lives

Description: first aid for bites, stings, minor injuries, and steps to carry out.

Core Concepts: Importance and ways of handling minor injuries.

Link: Website on first aid for bites and stings

Description: Minor injuries.

Core Concepts: Minor injuries.

Link: PDF on burns/cuts/puncture wounds/insects bites

Description: First aid steps.

Core Concepts: First aid steps.

Link: Website on first aid steps

Description: First aid guide on first aid.

Core Concepts: First aid skills.

Link: Website on first aid guide and emergency treatment instructions

Description: Wounds first aid.

Core Concepts: First aids for wounds.

Link: Website on wounds first aid

4. Teamwork in Physical Activities

Description: 10 Qualities to build a successful work team.

Core Concepts: Teambuilding and respecting individual difference.

Link: Website on what are the top 10 qualities to build a successful work team?

Description: Characteristics of successful teams.

Core Concepts: Teambuilding and respecting individual difference.

Link: Video on characteristics of successful teams

5. Personal Hygiene for Disease Prevention/Healthy Foods for Growth

Description: Concepts of personal hygiene and sanitation.

Core Concepts: personal hygiene and sanitation.

Link: Website on 7 personal hygiene

Description: Hygiene habits.

Core Concepts: 

Link: Video on personal hygiene for kids

Description: Hygienic practices and healthy habits.

Core Concepts: Hygienic practices and healthy habits.


Description: Hygiene practices.

Core Concepts: Importance of  hydration.

Link: Website on hygiene and environmental health

Description: Dehydration and rehydration in competitive sports.

Core Concepts: Why and when to hydrate or rehydrate?

Link: Website on Dehydration and rehydration in competitive sport

Description: Dehydration its causes and symptoms.

Core Concepts: Symptoms of dehydration.

Link: Website on dehydration

Description: Hydration, its importance.

Core Concepts: Hydration.

Link: Website on hydration: Why it’s so important

Description: Hydration, its importance.

Core Concepts: Hydration.

Link: Website on hydration: Why it’s so important