ICT - Class IV Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Internal and External Hardware

Description: The weblinks explain about internal and external hardware of the computer.

Core Concepts: Internal and external hardware.


2. IPO Cycle

Description: The weblinks contain information on IPO cycles with real life examples. Link to Class V textbook (REC publication) is also provided for reference.

Core Concepts: Input-Process-Output (IPO cycle).


3. Formatting Document

Description: The weblinks explain about character and paragraph formatting in Microsoft Word.

Core Concepts: Formatting Word document.


5. Connecting to the Internet:

Description: The Weblinks explains how to connect to the Internet.

Core Concepts: Connecting to internet.


6. Safety Tips

Description: The weblinks provides safety tips while using the Internet.

Core Concepts: Internet safety.


7. Computer Ergonomics

Description: The weblinks explain about computer ergonomics and how we can improve it to reduce health impacts.

Core Concepts: Ergonomics.


8. Correct Body Posture

Description: The weblinks explain about benefits of correct body posture to reduce health impacts.

Core Concepts: Body posture.


9. Preventing Computer Related Health Injuries

Description: The weblinks explains about computer related health issues and ways to prevent ourselves from such problems.

Core Concepts: Computer-related health issues.


10. Animation in Scratch

Description: The weblinks contain guides on programming in Scratch. The link can be shared with students to explore and derive project ideas.

Core Concepts: Animation.