Furniture Making - Class IX Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Principles of 5S

Description: Explanation on principles of 5S.

Core Concepts: Applying the principle of 5S.

Link: Video on 5S

2. Usage of PPE

Description: Explanation on PPE.

Core Concepts: Using PPE.

Link: Video on PPE E-Learning

3. Safety Measures

Description: Video on workplace and personal safety.

Core Concepts: Maintaining workplace safety and personal safety.


4. Safety Measures

Description: Maintaining tools and equipment safety.

Core Concepts: Maintaining tools and equipment safety.


5. Fire Extinguisher

Description: Use of fire extinguisher.

Core Concepts: Using fire extinguisher.

Link: Video on how to use fire extinguisher

6. Sharpening Plane

Description: Process of sharpening blade.

Core Concepts: Sharpening plane/chisel blade.

Link: Video on how to sharpen a chisel

7. Sharpening Saw

Description: Process to sharpening saw.

Core Concepts: Process to sharpening saw.

Link: Webpage link on sharpening saw

8. Grinding Hand Tools

Description: Operation of grinding machine.

Core Concepts: Grinding hand tools.

Link: Video on chisel and plane grinding 

9. Sharpening Auger Bit

Description: Process of sharpening auger bit.

Core Concepts: Sharpening auger bit.

Link: Video on sharpening an auger bit

10. Changing Portable Planer Blade

Description: Process to change planer blade.

Core Concepts: Changing portable planer blade.

Link: Video on how to change the blades on a hand-held planer

11. Changing Circular Saw Blade

Description: Change of circular saw blade.

Core Concepts: Changing circular saw blade.

Link: Video on how to change a circular saw blade?

12. Replacing Jigsaw Blade

Description: Process of changing the jig saw blade.

Core Concepts: Replacing jigsaw blade.

Link: Video on how to change the blade bosh jigsaw PST - 50E 

13. Replacing Router Bit

Description: Process of changing router bit.

Core Concepts: Replacing router bit.

Link: Video on home repair tools : how to change router bits

14. Performing Cross-Cut

Description: Cross cut and rip cut.

Core Concepts: Performing cross-cut.

Link: Video on the difference between a crosscut and rip saw

15. Planning Work Piece

Description: Grains of wood.

Core Concepts: Planning work piece.

Link: Webpage link on understanding wood grain

16. Chiseling Work Piece

Description: Handling of chisel.

Core Concepts: Chiseling work piece.

Link: Video on how to use a wood chisel 

17. Drilling Holes

Description: Operate cordless drilling machine.

Core Concepts: Drilling holes.

Link: Video on how to use a power drill

18. Sanding Work Piece

Description: Details of portable sanding machine, Explanation on the grits of sandpaper.

Core Concepts: Sanding work piece.


19. Use Drawing Instruments

Description: Explanation on the types of drawing instrument and its uses; types of drawing instrument and its uses.

Core Concepts: Using drawing instruments.


20. Layout Drawing Sheet

Description: Explanation on layout of drawing sheet.

Core Concepts: Layout drawing sheet.

Link:  Video on introduction of sheets and sheet layout engineering drawing

21. Interpret Engineering Sign, Symbols and Abbreviation

Description: Explanation of the engineering signs and symbols.

Core Concepts: Interpret engineering sign, symbols and abbreviation.

Link:  Video on first semester convention of materials

22. Draw Different Types of Lines

Description: Explanation on the different types of lines and application of lines with drawing.

Core Concepts: Drawing different types of lines.


23. Draw Letters and Numbers

Description: Explanation of the techniques of lettering and numbering; describes the ways to write letters and numbers.

Core Concepts: Draw letters and numbers.


24. Provide Dimensions

Description: Explanation on the types of dimensioning and systems of dimensioning.

Core Concepts: Provide dimensions.

Link:  Video on placing of dimension systems in engineering drawing