English - Class VIII Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

Description: The link contains a comprehensive list of rhetorical devices/figures of speech along with explanations and examples. Teachers and students can refer to the relevant ones.

Core Concepts: Use rhetorical terms/figures of speech in communication.

Link: Webpage on glossary of rhetorical terms

2. Question Tags

Description: Use of both positive and negative question tags with ‘to be’ modal verbs and irregular question tags such as “aren’t I? and “Shall we?

Core Concepts: Use of correct question tags while speaking or writing.

Link: Video on question tags

3. More Use of Commas

Description: Correct use of commas in question tags, and in direct address with yes-and-no statements.

Core Concepts: Use of comma in tag questions with yes and no response.

Link: Video on use of commas

4. Formal and Informal Expressions

Description: The video clip contains a list of examples of common formal statements/sentences and their informal comparisons.

Core Concepts: Use of correct formal and informal expressions appropriate to context and purpose.
Listening and Speaking and writing.

Link: Video on formal vs informal expressions

5. Using Precise Words

Description: The use of precise words with examples and some ways of how to find and use them. The link also has activities for learners on the use of precise words.

Core Concepts: Use of precise words for clarity in expression.

Link: Video on using precise words

6. Syllable Structure

Description: The concept of word syllabification – the separation of onset and rhyme of syllables for pronunciation.

Core Concepts: Word syllables for correct pronunciation.

Link: Video on syllable structure

7. Suprasegmental Features

Description: The concept of suprasegmental features such as word stress, sentence stress and rhythm of the English language to enhance meaning and comprehension.

Core Concepts: Use correct pronunciation while speaking.

Link: Video on suprasegmental features

8. English Language Teaching

Description: This research article contains interactive methods that teachers can use to teach listening comprehension.

Core Concepts: Listening skills.

Link: PDF on English language teaching

9. School Debate

Description: A sample video on how to organize, conduct and participate in debates.

Core Concepts: Debating and persuasive skills.

Link: Video on school debate tournament

10. The Library

Description: The link contains a list of books along with blurbs and illustrations from where teachers can explore and select reading materials appropriate to their learners.

Core Concepts: Read a variety of age and context appropriate books.

Link: Webpage on the library

11. Reading A - Z

Description: The link contains various resources to be selected and used according to reading skills for teachers and students.

Core Concepts: Read and view to comprehend different texts.

Link: Webpage on how to use reading AZ

12. National Geographic Education – Resource Library

Description: National Geography Resource Library for Reading is a rich resource for selecting and using reading materials on different topics and themes.

Core Concepts: Reading for a variety purpose (information, comprehension, analysis etc.)

Link: Website on resource library

13. Read to Lead – Empowering the Next Generation of Readers and Leaders

Description: A game-based web learning platform which teachers and learners can use to develop reading, writing and socio-emotional skills. for teachers and learners to explore.

Core Concepts: Reading and writing skills for different purposes.

Link: Website on read to lead

14. Poetry in Voice

Description: A sample poetry recitation video to inspire learners.

Core Concepts: Poetry recitation.

Link: Video on poetry in voice 2016

15. How to Analyse a Poem

Description: A short video sample of how to analyse a poem in six steps. Both teachers and learners can use this.

Core Concepts: Analysing a poem.

Link: Video on how to analyse a poem

17. Top 22 Figures of Speech in English

Description: The clip contains written explanations (with voice-over) of commonly used figures of speech with examples.

Core Concepts: Use figures of speech in speech and writing and speech.

Link: Video on top 22 figures of English

18. Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman Delivers a Poem at Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Description: A sample of modern narrative poetry recitation.

Core Concepts: Recite poems eloquently.

Link: Video on inaugural poet

19. Academic Help – Write Better

Description: This reference is more for the teachers to analyse poems at a higher level and simplify the steps/strategies to teach the learners.

Core Concepts: Analyzing poems.

Link: Webpage on the examples of poetry analysis

20. Sentence Structure

Description: This reference material contains explanations on clauses and phrases and the types of sentences based on structure. It also contains exercise activities for learners.

Core Concepts: Use different types of sentences based on structure while writing.

Link: PDF on sentence structure

21. Easy Blogging for Education

Description: A free website for teachers and learners to explore their writing and share in blog.

Core Concepts: Write effectively to convey ideas, feelings and information.

Link: Website on easy blogging

22. Youth Voices

Description: A platform for supporting student writing, collaboration, and communication make this a healthy website for learners to express themselves.

Core Concepts: Collaboration for writing and sharing.

Link: Website on youth voices

22. Quill

Description: A resource center and platform for free writing and grammar activities that can be used by both teachers and learners to become better writers.

Core Concepts: Grammar and writing.

Link: Website on quill

23. Inventive Resources to Ignite a Love for Writing

Description: This link enables users to browse, enjoy and apply a wide range of teaching tools and student writing examples.

Core Concepts: Refine writing.

Link: Webpage on inventive resources

24. Teen Ink – By Teens, for Teens

Description: A website of teen writing on different genres magazines, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, reviews etc.

Core Concepts: Write in different forms and genres.

Link: Website on teen ink

25. Oxford Guide to English Grammar

Description: The book is a ready teacher/learner reference book that covers most grammar topics to be taught in class VIII. The teachers should be mindful of copyright issues before.

Core Concepts: Language and grammar skills to support other three strands.

Link: PDF on English grammar

26. An Introduction to Functional Grammar

Description: This book provides ready-to-use content and pedagogy for teachers to use in the class. The teachers should be mindful of the copyright aspects before copying the materials ditto for distribution.

Core Concepts: Language and grammar skills to support other three strands.

Link: PDF on functional grammar

27. All English Tenses in 20 Minutes

Description: This clip contains video and audio explanation of tenses and where to use each, for teachers and learners.

Core Concepts: Use of correct tenses in writing and speech.

Link: Video on English tenses in 20 minutes