Electrical - Class XII Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Electrical Wiring

Description: Draw wiring in single phase

Core Concepts: Preparing layout

Link: Video on complete electrical house wiring

2. Proper Wire Joints

Description: Video on how to make three kinds of wire joints.

Core Concepts: Preparing wire joints

Link: Video on 3 ways of proper wire joints

3. Concealed and Open wiring

Description: Explanation on difference between concealed and open wiring.

Core Concepts: Laying conduit

Link: Video on concealed wiring vs open wiring

4. Insulation Resistance Test

Description: Explanation of IR test and its procedures.

Core Concepts: Performing Insulation Resistance (IR) test

Link: Video on insulation resistance tester

5. Polarity Test

Description: Explains how to check the polarity with a multimeter.

Core Concepts: Performing polarity test

Link:Video on how to quickly determine the polarity of your DC power supply with a multimeter

6. Staircase Wiring

Description: Video on staircase wiring.

Core Concepts: Performing staircase wiring

Link:Video on two ways to switch connection

7. Go-Down Wiring

Description: Explanation on go-down and its procedures.

Core Concepts: Performing go-down wiring

Link: Video on go-down wiring

8. Go-Down Wiring

Description: Video on connection of call bell wiring to be used at home.

Core Concepts: Performing call bell wiring

Link: Video on door bell wiring connection

9. Installation of Control Board

Description: Explains how to install control board.

Core Concepts: Installing the main control board

Link: Video on distribution db box wiring diagram

10. Installation of Energy Meter

Description: Explains how to install energy meter.

Core Concepts: Installing energy meter

Link: Video on single phase meter wiring diagram

11. What is Switchgear?

Description: Explains protective switchgear.

Core Concepts: Installing protective Switchgears

Link: Video on what is switchgear

12. Engineering Drawing

Description: Explains instrument used in engineering drawing.

Core Concepts: Using drawing instruments

Link: Video on engineering drawing instruments and its uses