Automobile - Class XII Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Propeller Shaft

Description: Parts of propeller shaft and how the drive shaft functions.

Core Concepts: 1.1 Changing propeller shaft.


2. Propeller Shaft Run Out

Description: Checking the driveshaft runout using dial gauge.

Core Concepts: 1.2 Checking propeller shaft run out.

Link: Video on how to measure driveshaft runout

3. Universal Joint

Description: Functions, working, and parts of the universal joint, procedure to replace center bearing, how the center bearing functions.

Core Concepts: 1.3   Changing cross bearing.


4. Driveshaft Failure

Description: Symptoms/ problems of driveshaft failures.

Core Concepts: 1.5 Troubleshooting propeller shaft failure.


5. Bearing Preload

Description: Explanation on bearing preload.

Core Concepts: 2.1 Overhauling wheel hub assembly.

Link: Webpage on bearing preload

6. Axle Shaft

Description: Function and types of the axle and axle shaft components.

Core Concepts: 2.2 Replacing drive/axle shaft.


7. Construction of CV joint

Description: Construction and of CV joint, wheel hub and axle shaft components.

Core Concepts: 2.3 Changing CV joint.


8. Failing Driveshaft

Description: Symptoms of failing driveshaft.

Core Concepts: 2.4 Troubleshooting wheel hub assembly.

Link: Video on symptoms of a worn or failing driveshaft

9. How to Change Differential Oil

Description:  Explanation on differential oil.

Core Concepts: 3.1 Changing differential oil.


10. Working of Differential Oil

Description:  Function and working of differential.

Core Concepts: 3.2 Replacing differential assembly.

Link: Video on how a differential works ?

11. Working of Differential Oil

Description:  Working principle of differential assembly.

Core Concepts: 3.3 Disassembling differential assembly.

Link: Differential | How does it work?

12. Assembling Differential Oils

Description: How to set differential gear backlash, how to apply side bearing preload.

Core Concepts: 3.4 Assembling differential assembly.


13. Pinion Bearing Preload

Description: How to set pinion bearing preload.

Core Concepts: 3.5 Adjusting tail pinion bearing preload.

Link: Video on setting pinion bearing preload — Yukon Gear & Axle

14. Differential Gear Backlash

Description: How to set differential gear backlash and how to apply side bearing preload.

Core Concepts: 3.5 Adjusting tail pinion bearing preload.


15. Problems of Differential

Description: Common problems of differential.

Core Concepts: 3.7 Troubleshooting final drive and differential.


16. Procedure to Change Transmission Oil

Description: Reason for changing transmission oil regularly and specification of transmission oil for different vehicles.

Core Concepts: 4.1 Change transmission oil.


17. Working of Transmission

Description: Power flow and gear ratio in transmission.

Core Concepts: 4.3 Disassembling transmission components.


18. Construction of Transfer Case

Description: Difference between the transfer case and differential and working of transfer case.

Core Concepts: 4.7 Overhauling transfer case.


19. Difference Between Transmission and Transaxle Gearbox

Description: The difference between transmission and transaxle gearbox.

Core Concepts: 4.8 Replacing transaxle.

Link: Webpage on transaxles vs transmissions

20. Transaxle Gearbox

Description: Construction of transaxle, components and failures of transaxle.

Core Concepts: 4.9 Disassembling transaxle components.


21. Components of Transaxle Gearbox

Description: Components of transaxle.

Core Concepts: 4.10 Assembling transaxle components.

Link: Webpage on transaxle components

22. Problems with Transmission assembly

Description: Common problems of transmission assembly.

Core Concepts: 4.11 Troubleshooting transmission failure.

Link: Webpage on when do coil springs need replacing in a car?

23. Working Principle of the Clutch System

Description: Operation/ working principle of the clutch system and its definition, types, function, and working principle.

Core Concepts: 5.1 Replacing clutch assembly.


24. Components of Clutch

Description: Clutch components and their function.

Core Concepts: 5.2 Inspecting clutch components.

Link: Webpage on car clutch components and function

25. Components of Clutch

Description: Procedure to change clutch fluid.

Core Concepts: 5.3 Changing clutch fluid.


26. How to adjust clutch cable?

Description: Symptoms of bad clutch cable; explanation on clutch and clutch cable.

Core Concepts: 5.6 Adjusting clutch pedal free play.


27. Clutch Problems

Description: Steps to diagnose the clutch problems.

Core Concepts: 5.7 Troubleshooting clutch system failure.

Link: Webpage on how to diagnose clutch problems

28. Soldering

Description:  How to perform soldering.

Core Concepts: 1.1 Performing soldering.

Link: Video on automobile harness and wire repair, how to solder and protect wires

29. Ohm’s Law

Description: Ohm’s law.

Core Concepts: 1.2 Repairing wires and connectors.

Link: Video on Ohm’s Law

30. Types of Fuses 

Description: Different types of fuses and their application.

Core Concepts: 1.3 Changing fuse.

Link: Webpage on different types of fuses and their applications

31. Car Battery

Description: How to change car battery.

Core Concepts: 2.1 Changing battery.


32. Car Battery Construction

Description: How does a car battery work and how is it constructed?

Core Concepts: 2.2 Performing visual inspection.

Link: Webpage on how does a car battery work

33. Car Battery Testing With a Multimeter

Description: How to test a car battery with a multimeter(Voltage + Cold Cranking Amps).

Core Concepts: 2.3 Checking battery voltage. 

Link: Video on how to test a car battery with a multimeter

34. Jump Start

Description: Perform jump starting.

Core Concepts: 2.4 Performing jump starting.

Link: Video on how to properly jump start a car

35. Battery Terminal

Description: Change the battery terminal.

Core Concepts: 2.5 Changing battery terminal.

Link: Video on how to replace car battery terminals