HPE - Class II Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Outcomes for Active Healthy Lifestyle

Description: Outcomes for active healthy lifestyle.

Core Concepts: Activities to promote active lifestyles.

Link: Website on physical education/health education

Description: This article contains information of fundamental movement skills.

Core Concepts: Fundamental movement skills.

Link: PDF on fundamental movement skills

Description: This video clips contains fundamental movement skills of walk, run, hop, jump, skip, and gallop.

Core Concepts: Technical elements of movement skills.

Link: Video on walk, run, hop, jump, skip, and gallop

2. Safety and First Aid for Active Participation

Description: Space awareness: Understanding how the body moves.

Core Concepts: Self-space, body position, and pathway.

Link: Video on space awareness: Understanding how the body moves

Description: Importance of spatial awareness.

Core Concepts: Spatial awareness.


3. First Aid for Supporting and Saving Lives

Description: Video displays first aid for cuts.

Core Concepts: Handling of cuts.

Link: Video on first aid for 6 common injuries in kids

Description: Video displays first aid for burns.

Core Concepts: handling of burns.

Link: Video on how to treat a burn?

Description: Video displays first aid for stings and bites.

Core Concepts: Handling of stings and bites.

Link: Video on 9 Effective Ways to treat insect bites and stings 

Description: Link that displays first aid for different injuries.

Core Concepts: handling different injuries.

Link: Website on first aid tips

4. Teamwork in Physical Activities

Description: Inspirational video on rowing and teamwork.

Core Concepts: Importance of teambuilding and respecting individual differences.

Link: Video on rowing and teamwork

Description: The video describes what is good collaboration.

Core Concepts: Collaboration skills.

Link: Video on good collaboration (2014)

Description: The article on ways to improve teamwork.

Core Concepts: Improve of physical performance through teamwork.

Link: Website on how teamwork can improve your physical performance

5. Personal Hygiene for Disease Prevention/ Healthy Foods for Growth

Description: The article contains Steps for hand washing (Global).

Core Concepts: Hand washing.

Link: Image on 7 steps to hand washing

Description:  Steps of brushing teeth.

Core Concepts: Brushing teeth and steps.

Link: Image on steps for brushing teeth

Description: Healthy food.

Core Concepts: Healthy eating.

Link: Infographic food chart

Description: Healthy meals routine.

Core Concepts: Healthy meal and proper meal routine.

Link: Image of food guide