Chemistry - Class IX Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources will be updated as and whenever required.

1. Classifying Materials

Description: The video, website, and simulation provide a fundamental concept of chemical bond and its types. Further, the learners can assess their understanding of the concept through quiz and worksheet provided.

Core Concepts: Chemical bond


2. Materials and Change

Description: The videos and webpages explain the fundamental concept of hydrocarbons, polymers and the scope for biopolymers to solve environmental problems. The learners can evaluate their comprehension through quiz and worksheet.

Core Concepts: Hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes and alkynes)


Description: The videos and webpage provide an overview of the properties of metals, non-metals, and metalloids, explaining their unique characteristics and behaviours. The accompanying worksheets and quizzes contain engaging questions to assess learners' understanding of the concept.

Core Concepts: Reactivity of metals


Description: The videos, webpages and website contain fundamental concept of green chemistry, nitrogen cycle, fertilizers, carbon cycle and global warming. Further, the learners can assess their understanding of the concept through the quizzes.

Core Concepts: Green chemistry


3. Patterns in Chemistry

Description: The videos and an interactive periodic table help learners explore the features of the periodic table and the periodic properties of the elements including their uses. To assess the understanding of concept, a worksheet and quiz are provided.

Core Concepts: Periodic Table


Description: The videos, simulations and websites provide fundamental concept on chemical reactions, factors affecting the rate of reaction, balancing chemical equations and verification of law of conservation of mass. The worksheet and quiz assess the conceptual understanding of the learners.

Core Concepts: Chemical reactions and energy transfer