Geography - Class VIII Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Topographic Map Lesson Plan

Description: This webpage provides PPT on topographical maps.

Core Concepts: Topographic maps with objectives, contour lines, contour interval, elevation, relief map.

Link: Webpage on Topographic map lesson

2. Contour plan lesson plan

Description: This link provides a PDF writeup on contour mapping.

Core Concepts: Contour mapping materials, resources and procedures.

Link: PDF on contour mapping

3. Map reading

Description: This link provides a writeup on map reading.

Core Concepts: Identify maps, understand and comprehend functions of maps and create maps.

Link: Website on mastering map reading

4. Teaching topographic map

Description: This link provides Ideas or tips  for teaching topographic maps.

Core Concepts: Coordinate systems, global positioning systems, GPS, and locating benchmarks.

Link: Website on 27 Ideas for Teaching with Topographic Maps

5. Lesson Plan on Mapping

Description: This link provides a  PDF lesson planning on mapping the unknown.

Core Concepts: Materials, location, exploration and elaboration.

Link: PDF on students lesson planning

6. How to Locate Places using Longitude and Latitude

Description: This link shows a video on how to find latitude and longitude.

Core Concepts: GPS and google maps, latitude, and longitude.

Link: Video on How to find Latitude and Longitude

7. Map Reading and Interpretation Skill

Description: This link provides a PDF materials on map reading and interpretation.

Core Concepts: Types of maps, essentials of map, location, uses of topographic maps, scale of map, and uses of scales.

Link: PDF on map reading and interpretation

Description: This link provides a video on grid references that helps in location of any features.

Core Concepts: 4 figure and 6 figure reference, eastings, and northings.

Link: Video on how to read maps - Grid references

Description: This link  shows  a  video on  topographic maps  showing elevation and topography.

Core Concepts: Contour lines, contour intervals, physical and human made features.

Link: Video on introduction to topographic maps

8. Introduction to Topographic Maps

Description: This website shows Major vegetation types in  the world with a description on each.

Core Concepts: Vegetation types: Ice sheets, deserts, tundra's, grasslands and forests.

Link: Website on 5 major types of vegetation in the world

9. Photo of some Flora and Fauna in Bhutan

Description: This link provides flora and fauna of Bhutan with pictures and photographs.

Core Concepts: Flora, fauna, conservation of them, habitat and climate zones.

Link: Website on plants & animals

10. National Parks and Sanctuary of Bhutan

Description: This site shows flora and fauna of Bhutan with description.

Core Concepts: Biological diversity, subtropical zone, temperate zone and alpine zone. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Link: Website on flora and fauna of Bhutan

11. Bhutan demographic

Description: This link provides a writeup on Bhutan demographics showing population, fertility rate, life expectancy, urbanisation and population density.

Core Concepts: Fertility, mortality, life expectancy, median age, urbanisation and population density.

Link: Website on Bhutan demographics showing population

12. soil profile

Description: This is an animated video showing soil profile with explanation.

Core Concepts: Top soil, subsoil, sub stratum, bedrock, humus and weathered rocks.

Link: Video on soil profile of Earth

13. Animation on Soil Profile and Characteristics

Description: Animated video showing layers of soil.

Core Concepts: A horizon, B horizon, C horizon and R horizon, and minerals.

Link: Video on layers of soil | Soil formation

14. soil texture triangle

Description: Video showing how to use soil texture triangle with demonstration.

Core Concepts: Clay, silt and sand. Texture, properties, aeration, nutrient holding capacity, water holding capacity and water infiltration capacity.

Link: Video on soil texture triangle

15. improvised pH soil test kits

Description: This link provides a video showing  a simple soil pH testing with improvised materials.

Core Concepts: Soil chemistry, pH, acidic, alkaline, and pH kit.

Link: Video on simple soil pH testing

16. How does Earth's Surface affect Culture?

Description: This link provides a writeup on How does Earth’s surface affect culture

Core Concepts: Cultural diversity, cultural components: language, religion, music, dress and geography.

Link: Website on how does earth’s surface affect culture

17. 5 Themes of Geography Lesson

Description:  This link shows five themes of geography: location, place human/environment interaction.

Core Concepts: Location, place human/environment interaction, regions and movement.

Link: Website on 5 Themes of Geography Lesson Plan

18. How to Study Cultures and how Geography Defines Culture

Description: Video showing  How geography defines culture.

Core Concepts: Culture elements: Geography and natural resources, social organisations, beliefs and values, economic activities.

Link: Video on how to Study Cultures How Geography Defines a Culture

19. Disaster Management in Bhutan

Description: This link provides a PDF writeup on types of hazards and disaster in Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Types of hazards and disasters, functions of DDM, seismic hazard map, potentially dangerous glacial lakes and flash floods.

Link: PDF on disaster management in Bhutan

20. Department of Disaster Management

Description: This link is a home page of Department of Disaster Management, Bhutan.

Core Concepts: National situational update on disaster.

Link: Website on Department of Disaster Management

21. Natural Hazards and Disasters

Description: Video showing Natural hazards and disasters.

Core Concepts: Natural hazards and disasters, examples,  focus, epicentre,  impacts of disasters.

Link: Video on natural hazards and disasters

22. Earthquake hazards

Description:  This is a video showing San Francisco earthquake.

Core Concepts: Horizontal and vertical movements, impacts of earthquake disasters.

Link: Video on earthquake hazards I: Ground failures

23. Natural Hazards

Description: This link is video showing  natural hazards.

Core Concepts: Natural hazards and natural disasters, earthquake, Faultline, tsunamis, volcanoes.

Link: Video on natural hazards

24. Education for Disaster Preparedness

Description: Video showing how education helps and  reduce risk during disaster.

Core Concepts: Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, risk reduction, preparedness and resilient society.

Link: Video on education for disaster preparedness

25. Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

Description: Animated video on how to  prepare and reduce risk during disasters.

Core Concepts: Floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

Link: Video on disaster preparedness & risk reduction

26. Introduction to Disaster Preparedness

Description: This link provides a PDF materials on disaster preparedness.

Core Concepts: Disaster preparedness, structural or physical vulnerability, human vulnerability and human capacities.

Link: PDF on introduction to disaster preparedness

27. Preparedness for Emergency Response, Recovery and Reconstruction

Description: This link provides PPT material on preparedness for emergency response, recovery, and reconstruction.

Core Concepts: Preparedness for emergency response, recovery, and reconstruction.

Link: PDF on preparedness for emergency response, recovery, and reconstruction

28. River Features - Geography for 2021 and Beyond

Description: This link provides a writeup reference material on drainage basin and its characteristics.

Core Concepts: Drainage basin, characteristics, hydrological cycle, erosion & weathering, transportation and deposition.

Link: Website on drainage basin and its characteristics

29. River Flow Status of Bhutan

Description: This link provides a PDF material on river flow status of Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Factors influencing river flow, river regimes (temperature dependent, rainfall dependent).

Link: PDF on river flow status of Bhutan

30. Types of Landforms

Description: This is an animated video on types of landforms.

Core Concepts: Mountains, hills, plains and plateaus, and tectonic movement.

Link: Video on types of landforms

31. Drainage System in India

Description: Animated video of drainage basin of India.

Core Concepts: Drainage basin of India.

Link: Video on drainage system in India

32. Landforms 60 - PowerPoint

Description: This link provides slideshow on types of land form images.

Core Concepts: Types of land form images.

Link: PPT on landforms

33. Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water

Description: This link shows video on landforms and water bodies.

Core Concepts: Landforms, water bodies, continents, and oceans.

Link: Video on exploring landforms and bodies of water for kids

34. Bhutan’s First Integrated River Basin Management Plan

Description: Video on Bhutan river basin management plan.

Core Concepts: Bhutan river basin management plan.

Link: Video on Bhutan’s First Integrated River Basin Management Plan

35. Environmental Pollution: Types, Causes, Effects

Description: this link provides PDF material on Environmental pollution, causes, effects and measures.

Core Concepts: Types of pollution, causes, effects and measures.

Link: Link missing

36. Learn about Pollution/ Environment Defilement

Description: Animation on types of pollution and its causes.

Core Concepts: Types of pollution and its causes.

Link: Video on learn about pollution/ environment defilement

37. Country Environmental Analysis-Bhutan

Description: PDF on country environmental analysis.

Core Concepts: Country environmental analysis, role of natural resources for the economy.

Link: PDF on country environmental analysis

38. Water in Bhutan's Economy: Importance to Government

Description: PDF on water resources.

Core Concepts: Water resources.

Link: PDF on water in Bhutan's economy

39. Land Use, Natural Resources & Conservation

Description: PDF on land use, natural resources and conservation.

Core Concepts: Natural resources of Bhutan.

Link: PDF on land use, natural resources and conservation

40. Bhutan's Experience in Socio-Economic Development

Description: PDF on Bhutan’s experience in socio-economic development.

Core Concepts: Bhutan’s experience in socio-economic development-UNCTAD.

Link: PDF on Bhutan's experience in socio-economic development