ICT - Class VIII Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. PowerPoint Presentation

Description: The weblinks explains how to add multimedia and enhance the design of PowerPoint slides.

Core Concepts: Enhancing presentation design and adding multimedia.


2. Adding Visual Effects

Description: The weblinks have tutorials on how to add transitions and animation effects in PowerPoint presentation.

Core Concepts: Transitions and animations.


3. Adding Hyperlinks

Description: The weblinks provides information on how to add hyperlinks on objects in PowerPoint slides.

Core Concepts: Hyperlinks.


4. Video Editing

Description: The weblinks provide guides and tutorials on video making and editing.

Core Concepts: Video recording and editing.


5. Video Editing Tools

Description: The weblinks provide the option to download free video editing tools.

Core Concepts: Video editing tools.


6. G2C Services

Description: The weblinks provide the information and resources on G2C services.

Core Concepts: Government to Citizen services.


6. Introduction to Blogging

Description: The weblinks provides information on blogging and how to create and maintain a personal blog in Bloggers or WordPress.

Core Concepts: Blogging.


7. Examples of Popular Bhutanese Blogs

Description: The weblinks are blogs maintained by popular Bhutanese bloggers.

Core Concepts: Bhutanese bloggers.


8. Positive Online Identity

Description: The weblinks provide information on positive online identity.

Core Concepts: Positive online behavior and identity.


9. Digital Footprint

Description: The weblinks provide documents and videos on digital footprint.

Core Concepts: Digital footprint and its effects.


10. Pyleap

Description: The weblinks contain Pyleap documentation and relevant software.

Core Concepts: Interactive animations.


11. Good Programming Practices

Description: The weblinks contain information on good programming practices to become better programmers.
Core Concepts: Good programming practice.