Geography - Class IX Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Motions of the Earth

Description: This link is a video showing the motions of the Earth,  rotation and revolution with explanation.

Core Concepts: Motions of the Earth; rotation, revolution, axis, earth tilt, Coriolis force.

Link:  Video on motion of the earth

2. Latitude and Longitude

Description: This is video showing the parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude forming the Earth grid, with explanation of latitude and longitude. 

Core Concepts: Parallels, meridians, and climate zones.

Link:  Video on latitude and longitude

3. The Solar System

Description: This is a video showing the solar system with detailed description of the planets and their characteristics.

Core Concepts: Solar nebula, milky way galaxy, terrestrial planets, and Jovian solar system.

Link:  Video on solar system

4. Structure of the Atmosphere

Description: This is a video showing the structure of the atmosphere with description of different layers.

Core Concepts: Troposphere, density, and weather phenomena.

Link:  Video on structure of the atmosphere

5. Weather Instruments

Description: This  is a video showing weather instruments with explanation and description of the instruments.

Core Concepts: Thermometer, temperature, barometer, millibars, sling psychrometer, rain gauge, wind vane and anemometer.

Link:  Video on weather instruments

6. Topographical Map

Description: This link is about a  video showing topographic map with explanation.

Core Concepts: Contour lines, cliff, hill, contour interval, and index contour.

Link:  Video on introduction to topographical map

7. Topographical Map

Description: This link provides a video showing how to read topographic maps.

Core Concepts: Contour lines, elevation, scales, signs and symbols.

Link:  Video on how to read topo map

8. Physical Features

Description: This is a video showing different features in a topographic map.

Core Concepts: Concave slope, convex slope, hills, valleys, plateau etc.

Link:  Video on physical relief features

9. Soil Formation

Description: Video showing the formation of soil with weathering and biological processes.

Core Concepts: Soil horizon (layers), physical and chemical weathering, sediments, organic materials, transported and residual soils.

Link:  Video on soil formation

10. Types of Soil

Description: Video showing soil types and importance of soil.

Core Concepts: Clay, silt and loam. Medium of growth of plants, shelter for animals.

Link:  Video on different types and the importance of soil

11. Composition of Atmosphere

Description: Video showing the different layers of the atmosphere with its extension above the earth surface.

Core Concepts: Troposphere, convection currents, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.

Link:  Video on structure of atmosphere

12. Generation of Hydroelectricity

Description: This link shows Chukha Dam ( a video on Chukha).

Core Concepts: Dam, construction site.

Link:  Video on Chhukha Dam

13. Generation of Hydroelectricity

Description: This link shows an animated video on hydro electricity generation.

Core Concepts: Dam and run off hydro power plant, renewable energy, and  concerns of dams.

Link:  Video on hydro power

14. Landforms Made by Rivers

Description: Video showing landforms formed by a river in the different stages.

Core Concepts: V-shaped valleys and gorges, interlocking spurs, rapids, waterfall, plunge pool, braided rivers, water discharge, meanders. 

Link:  Video on types of landform made by river

15. Population Pyramid

Description: This is a video showing population structure (pyramid) with explanation.

Core Concepts: Three main shapes: Least and more economically developed countries, three shapes, life expectancy, dependency ratio.

Link:  Video on how to read  population pyramid

16. Population Pyramid of Bhutan, Only 2019

Description: This is a webpage showing population pyramid of Bhutan 2019 along with the world and also other indicators of population. 

Core Concepts: Population pyramid of Bhutan compared with other countries along with different indicators.

Link:  Webpage on population pyramid of Bhutan

17. Pattern of Settlement

Description: Video showing settlement patterns with explanation.

Core Concepts: Dispersed, linear and nucleated settlements. Physical factors and social factors. Functions of settlements.

Link:  Video on settlement patterns and function

18. What is an Ecosystem?

Description: Video showing the ecosystem with an explanation.

Core Concepts: Producers, food web, niche and habitat, climate change, and pollution.

Link:  Video on what is an ecosystem

19. Land Use & Farming System- Images of Farming System

Description: A pictorial information showing land use and farming system in Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Different pictorial of farming system in Bhutan.

LinkDifferent images on farming system in Bhutan

20. How to Read Population Pyramid

Description: Video showing how to read a population pyramid.

Core Concepts: Demographic transition, dependency ratio, and life expectancy.

LinkVideo on how to read  population pyramid