Chemistry - Class X Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Gas laws

Description: PhET Simulation on to examine volume-number of mole relationship.

Core Concepts: Gas laws: volume-number of mole relationship.

Link: Webpage on simulation of examining volume and number of relationship.

2. Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, and Avogadro’s Law

Description: Contains graphical expression to predicts pressure-volume relationship, volume–temperature relationship, and volume- number of mole relationship.

Core Concepts: Gas laws/ Boyle’s law, Charles’ law, and Avogadro’s law.


3. Ethanol and its Impacts

Description: Contains a link to an article to describe and discuss the impact of alcohol on economy, society and health.

Core Concepts: Alcohol/ Ethanol and its impacts/ impact on environment, impact to economy, society and health

Link: PDF on the myth behind alcohol happiness

4. Metallurgy

Description: Contains the links to explain the process involved in extraction of metals.

Core Concepts: Metallurgy/ basic steps of metallurgy.


5. Relate video

Description: The links explains the processes involved in extraction such as dressing of ore, concentration of ores, extraction of metals from the concentrated ores, purification of metals using various methods.

Core Concepts: Metallurgy/ basic steps of metallurgy.


6. Properties of Transition elements

Description: For non-contact learning the teacher may links to assess the learner’s conceptual understanding of fundamental of transition elements, s, p, d, f electronic configuration, location, characteristics and uses of transition elements.

Core Concepts: Transition elements/ fundamental of transition elements, s, p, d, f electronic configuration, location, and characteristics.


7. Law of Conservation of Energy

Description: The learner uses PhET simulation to verify the law of conservation of energy with help of illustration. The link helps to explain the change in internal energy into different forms.

Core Concepts: Energy transfer in chemical reactions/ Law of conservation of energy/ Internal energy.

Link: Simulation on Energy Skate Park