HPE - Class I Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Fundamental Movement Skills

Description: The link contains video of fundamental movement skills.

Core Concepts: Fundamental movement skills.

Link: Link is missing

Description: Technical elements of walking, throwing, running and suggested lesson activities.

Core Concepts: Technical elements of the skills and activities to promote the skills.

Link: PDF on Health and Physical Education Suggested Activities PP-1

2. First Aid for Supporting and Saving Lives

Description: First Aid concepts.

Core Concepts: First Aid concepts.

Link: Website for first aid training

Description: The link contains first aid for sunburn.

Core Concepts: Importance and ways of handling sunburn.


Description: The link contains first aid for fever.

Core Concepts: Importance and ways of handling fever.


3. Team Work in Physical Activities

Description: The video on team building activities and strategies.

Core Concepts: Teambuilding and respecting individual difference.

Link: Website for team building activities

Description: The video on Kagan Cooperative learning.

Core Concepts: Teamwork.

Link: Video on teamwork can make dreamwork

4. Personal Hygiene for Disease Prevention/ Healthy Foods for Growth

Description: Steps of hand washing.

Core Concepts: Hand washing.

Link: Image of 7 steps to hand washing

Description:  Steps of brushing teeth.

Core Concepts: Brushing teeth and steps.


Description: Ways to make water safe for drinking.

Core Concepts: Importance of safe drinking water.

Link: Link is missing

Description: Healthy food.

Core Concepts: Healthy eating.

Link: Infographic food chart

Description: Healthy meals routine

Core Concepts: Healthy meal and proper meal routine

Link: Image of food guide

Description: Images of  improper waste disposal.

Core Concepts: Waste management and proper disposal.

Link: Image of improper waste disposal

Description: Proper waste disposal.

Core Concepts: Waste disposal and management.

Link: Image of proper waste disposal

Description: Proper and improper disposal of waste.

Core Concepts: Proper and improper disposal of waste.

Link: Image of improper waste disposal