Arts Education - Class I Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Small Arm Movements

Description: This is a scribbling activity for children to develop hand control and dexterity. 

Core Concepts: Small Arm Movement.


2. Straight Lines

Description: How to draw straight lines.

Core Concepts:  Straight Lines .

Link: Video on how to straight line

3. Curves

Description: This activity will help children acquire the basis of drawing using curves. This also helps them to develop hand - eye coordination and hand balance.

Core Concepts: Curves.


4. Trace and Colour

Description: This shadow tracing is one of the tracing activities that will help estimate basic drawing curves and lines.

Core Concepts:  Trace and colour.


5. Read and Colour

Description: These activities will help children have fun drawing different shapes and their own hand tracing. Finally they will learn to colour their shapes and hand outlines with colours of their choice. 

Core Concepts:  Read and Colour.


6. Read-Draw-Colour

Description: Tutorial for colouring activity for children to learn and draw and paint 

Core Concepts:  Read-Draw-Colour.


7. Drawing Classroom Objects

Description: Drawing Classroom objects

Core Concepts: Drawing Classroom Objects


8. Clay Work

Description: Tutorial video on how to make sun and caterpillar with clay. It helps students develop hand dexterity and control.

Core Concepts: Clay Work.


9. Clay Work (domestic animals)

Description: Basic clay work on animals for children.

Core Concepts: Clay Work (domestic animals).


10. Smudge Picture

Description: Smudge Picture painting.

Core Concepts: Smudge Picture.


12. Spray Painting  

Description: Basic Spray Painting.

Core Concepts:  Spray Painting.


13. Fingerprinting

Description: Fun fingerprinting activities for children.

Core Concepts: Fingerprinting.


14. Leaf and Flower Printing

Description: Different leaf and flower printing.

Core Concepts:  Leaf and Flower Printing.


15. Hand Printing

Description: Hand Printing sample videos.

Core Concepts: Hand Printing.


16. Paper Craft- Cut and Paste

Description: Paper collage - cut and paste craft.

Core Concepts: Paper Collage - cut and paste.


17. Paper Collage - Tear and Paste

Description: Paper collage - tear and paste.

Core Concepts: Hand Printing.


18. Tracing

Description: Object tracing with puzzles.

Core Concepts: Tracing.


19. Etching

Description: Basic etching activities with crayons. 

Core Concepts:  Colour Etching.


20. Paper Craft

Description: Tutorial how to make simple paper flowers.

Core Concepts: Paper Flower.


21. Paper Craft

Description: Simple paper craft on how to make paper fox.

Core Concepts: Paper Fox.


22. Worksheet for Joining Dots

Description: Worksheets for joining dots on caterpillar and different animals.

Core Concepts: Joining Dots.


23. My Rainbow

Description: Tutorial lesson on rainbow drawing for children with worksheet .

Core Concepts: My Rainbow.


24. Colour Mixing

Description: This video shows a colour wheel on how to mix basic primary colours. 

Core Concepts: Colour Mixing

Link: Video on how to mix colour paint

25. Painting Primary and Secondary Colours

Description: Colour wheel for mixing primary and secondary colours with worksheets.

Core Concepts:  Painting (primary and secondary colours).


26. Block Prints

Description: Block printing lesson with vegetables for children.

Core Concepts: Block Printing.


27. Stick Figure

Description: Stick figure drawing with human and animals with worksheet.

Core Concepts: Stick Figure.