Geography - Class XI Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Population Dynamics

Description: Video showing population dynamics- growth rate, birth rate, mortality rate and population pyramid.

Core Concepts: Fertility rate, mortality rate, population pyramid, age structure, immigration, emigration.

Link: Video on population dynamics

2. Urban Centers - YouTube

Description: A video on urban centres depicting different types of urban centres.

Core Concepts: Residential centres, street network, healthy neighbourhood, land use, urban and suburban, zones.

Link: Video on urban centers

3. What does Census Mean

Description: Animated video on what does census mean giving its meaning and explanation about population census.

Core Concepts: Demographic data, education by sex, population and housing census, research purpose.

Link: Video on what does census mean

4. How to read a Population Pyramid

Description: A Video on how to read a population pyramid.

Core Concepts: Population composition, population structure, demographic information, three shapes of population pyramid, demographic transition.

Link: Video on how to read a population pyramid

5. Population Pyramids

Description: Video explaining the importance of population data as powerful predictors of the future.

Core Concepts: Characteristics of population, population pyramid, trends of population, reproductive age, demographic transition, mortality.

Link: Video on population pyramids

6. Population Trends, Data and Facts, Publications, Events

Description: A write up on population trends, data and facts of the world, UN.

Core Concepts: Population trends, data, facts and figures of the world.

Link: Video on population trends

7. Energy Resources

Description: A video showing energy resources with examples.

Core Concepts: Renewable energy, transport, fossil fuel, biofuel, natural gas, and non-renewable sources.

Link: Video on introduction to energy sources

8. What are Biomes?

Description: A video on Biomes with description and examples.

Core Concepts: Tundra, forests, grasslands and deserts, terrestrial and aquatic biomes, ecosystems.

Link: Video on what are biomes

9. Difference between Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources - on dichotomy

Description: Video on difference between renewable resources and nonrenewable resources with examples.

Core Concepts: 

Link: Video on difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources

10. Conflict and Natural Resource Management

Description: A video along with writeup on conflict and natural resource management. 

Core Concepts: End of the cold war, peace agenda, environment peace building.

Link: Webpage on conflict and natural resource management

11. Geo-thermal Energy

Description: A writeup on geothermal energy with examples.

Core Concepts: Types of thermal energy, sources, uses, pros and cons of thermal energy.

Link: Webpage on what is geo-thermal energy

13. What is Remote Sensing?

Description: Video on remote sensing with explanation on relevant terms.

Core Concepts: Climate change and weather, earth observation centres, satellites, 

Link: Video on what is remote sensing

14. What is a GIS?

Description: A video on introduction to GIS with relevant terms.

Core Concepts: Spatial information, aspatial data, analysis, visual representations, location, uses of GIS, land use, disasters, natural resources, conservation.

Link: Video on what is a GIS

15. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Slide

Description: PPT on GIS and remote sensing with the details.

Core Concepts: GIS terminologies, types of GIS, elements of GIS, what GIS can do, GIS tasks, trends in GIS, GIS software's.

Link: PPT on application of GIS and remote sensing slide

16. How to read a Topographic Map

Description: A video and writeup on how to read a topo map with description and illustrations.

Core Concepts: How contour lines describe terrain, slopes, map scales.

Link: Webpage on how to read topo map

17. What is a Topographic Map

Description: A Writeup on what is a topographic map with illustrations.

Core Concepts: Topographic map, contour lines, contour interval.

Link: Webpage on what is topographic map

18. Scale in Geographic Analysis

Description: A video on scale in Geographic analysis. 

Core Concepts: Cartography and GIS, verbal scale, graphic scale, representative fraction, analytical scale.

Link: Video on scale in Geography analysis

19. Map Projections

Description: Map projections.

Core Concepts: Basic of map projections, what is map projection, mapping system, Mercator projection.

Link: Webpage on map projections

20. Bhutan Agriculture- Radhi Paddy Cultivation

Description: Video on paddy cultivation in Radhi (Tashigang Dzongkhag)

Core Concepts: 

Link: Video on Bhutan agriculture

21. Agriculture

Description: Animated video on introduction to agriculture.

Core Concepts: Food production, management of resources, distribution, cultivation, and crops.

Link: Video on introduction to agriculture

22. Paro Farmer’s Market 

Description: Video showing a vegetable market with fresh produce in Paro.

Core Concepts: 

Link: Video on Paro farmer's market

23. Industrial Revolution

Description: Write up on the industrial revolution.

Core Concepts: Agrarian economy, manufacturing, technological changes, 1st Industrial and 2nd industrial revolution.

Link: Webpage on industrial revolution

24. Types of Manufacturing Industries

Description: Writeup material on types of manufacturing industries.

Core Concepts: Clothing and textiles, chemicals and plastics, electronics and computers, food production, metal manufacturing.

Link: Webpage on types of manufacturing industries

25. The Evolution of Industries

Description: Animated video on the evolution of industries.

Core Concepts: Three waves: The Rise of Agriculture, The Industrial Revolution, The Information Age.

Link: Video on the evolution of industries

26. Manufacturing Industries

Description: Writeup material on manufacturing industries.

Core Concepts: Types of industries, classification of industries, location, factors affecting location, impacts of industries.

Link: PDF on manufacturing industries

27. Introduction to Tourism

Description: Video on introduction to tourism.

Core Concepts: Types of tourism, tourist attractions, importance of tourism.

Link: Video on introduction to tourism

28. Development of the Sustainable Tourism in Bhutan

Description: A writeup on development of sustainable tourism in Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Pros and cons of sustainable tourism.

Link: PDF on development of the sustainable tourism in Bhutan

29. Sustainability of Tourism in Bhutan

Description: A writeup material on sustainability of tourism in Bhutan, journal of Bhutan studies.

Core Concepts: Environmental and cultural impacts, problems that affect sustainability.

Link: PDF on sustainable of tourism in Bhutan

30. Ecotourism for Sustainable Development

Description: A writeup on ecotourism as a mechanism for sustainable development: the case of Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Socio economic impact, environmental impacts, cultural impacts, low impact and future growth.

Link: PDF on ecotourism as a mechanism for sustainable development

31. Tourism Policy

Description: Material on tourism policy, Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Core Concepts: High value and low impact, high value- low volume.

Link: Webpage on tourism policy

32. A Simple Understanding on Temperature

Description: Video on How do we tell temperature with demonstration.

Core Concepts: Thermometer, measure of heat, degree Celsius, thermistor.

Link: Webpage on how do we tell temperature

33. Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well it’s Complicated

Description: Video on the relationship between temperature and pressure.

Core Concepts: Relationship between pressure and temperature.

Link: Webpage on relationship between temperature and pressure

34. Koeppen’s Climatic Classification

Description: Video on climate classification system by Koppen.

Core Concepts: Patterns of rainfall and temperature, primary classification- Koppen classification, Koppen zones- A, B, C, D, and E. AF, AM, AW etc.

Link: Video on Koeppen's climatic classification

35. Climatic Zones and Biomes

Description: A writeup material along with video on climatic zones and biomes.

Core Concepts: Climate zones and Biomes. Koppen classification system, factors affecting climate, arid, interactions, composition of atmosphere.

LinkWebpage on climate zone and biomes

36. The Climate Events of 2020

Description: Video with writeup on the climate events of 2020.

Core Concepts: Greenhouse gas emissions, heatwaves, wildfires, droughts.

Link: Webpage on the climate events

37.  Planet-Warming 

Description: Video with a writeup on planet-warming trend continues.

Core Concepts: Marine ecosystem, retreat of ice and glaciers, extreme heat, floods, human health and security, economic slowdown.

Link: Webpage on planet warming

38.  2020 Witnesses New Extreme Temperature

Description: Video showing 2020 witnessing new extreme temperature in the world.

Core Concepts: Extreme temperature, hottest decade, world meteorological organisation, heatwave, marine ecosystem, acid rain.

Link: Video on global warming and climate change

39.  Global Warming

Description: Animated video on global warming and climate change.

Core Concepts: Climatological phenomena, solar radiation. atmosphere. infrared energy, greenhouse gas, greenhouse effect, concentration of greenhouse gases.

Link: Video on global warming and climate change

40.  Climate Change

Description: Animated video on climate change: we are the problem and the solution.

Core Concepts: Global Warming, greenhouse gases, fossil fuel burning, pollution, smog, methane, and land use.

Link: Video on climate change

41.  Big Bang on the Buddha’s view on the Universe

Description: Video on the Bang Bang and the Buddha’s view of the universe.

Core Concepts: 4 kayas, the way the universe works, expansion of the universe, happy realm.

Link: Video on big bang on the Buddha's view on the universe

42.  The Origin of Life in the Universe

Description: A writeup on the origin of life in the universe: Buddhist perspective.

Core Concepts: The Big Bang Theory, Origin of Species, Theory of Evolution, Primordial Soup Theory.

Link: Webpage on the origin of life in the universe

43.  Where Science and Buddhism Meet

Description: A video on where Science and Buddhism meet with illustrations.

Core Concepts: Nature of reality, emptiness, interconnectedness, non material, material, intuitive and rationalistic, spiritual and scientific.

Link: Video on where science and Buddhism meet

44.  Tiny Dust, 2017

Description: Video on how was the universe created, Buddhism looking into the universe.

Core Concepts: Where does the Universe come from? Law of cause and effect, Madhyamika, no arrival, no return, no birth no death, law of conservation of energy.

Link: Video on how was the universe created

45.  How Important is the Moon – 2017

Description: Video showing the importance of the moon?

Core Concepts: Influence of moon on the earth, composition of moon, age of the moon, tidal friction, tidal bulge and leap year.

Link: Video on how important is the moon

46.  The Moon – 2018

Description: A video on what is the moon made of and how did it form.

Core Concepts: Formation of the moon, satellite, craters, meteorites, speed of revolution, stages of Moon (lunar faces). Apollo11.

Link: Video on moon

47.  Moon Facts: Fun information About the Earth’s Moon

Description: Video and writeup showing the facts of moon: Fun information about the Earth’s moon.

Core Concepts: How was the moon formed? Composition of the moon, atmosphere of the moon, lunar eclipses.

Link: Webpage on moon facts

48.  Research

Description: A writeup material on the moon highlighting local stories and beliefs about the moon.

Core Concepts: Human history of moon, charting the moon, exploration, the man in the moon.

LinkWebpage on research

49.  Soil Formation

Description: Video on how soil is formed from rocks.

Core Concepts: Pedogenisis, pedology, agents of weathering, action of plants and animals.

Link: Video how soil is formed from rocks

50.  Soil Formation Demonstrated

Description: Video and material on soil formation with demonstration.

Core Concepts: Degradation, decomposition, minerals, factors affecting soil, living organisms.

Link: Webpage on soil formation

51.  Soil Formation Demonstrated

Description: Video and material on soil formation with demonstration.

Core Concepts: Degradation, decomposition, minerals, factors affecting soil, living organisms.

Link: Webpage on soil formation