Automobile - Class XI Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. How Power Steering Works?

Description: How power steering system works.

Core Concepts: Replacing rack & pinion power steering gearbox.


2. Power Steering Replacement & V-Belt Adjustments

Description: Power steering replacement & V-belt adjustments and the effects of diesel fuel contamination.

Core Concepts: Replacing power steering belt.


3. What is Power Steering Fluid?

Description: How power steering works and why you may be losing fluid.

Core Concepts: Changing the power steering fluid.


4. What is Power Steering Fluid?

Description: How to bleed power steering system the RIGHT WAY! Bleed power steering.

Core Concepts: Purging hydraulic power steering.


5. What is Power Steering Fluid?

Description: hHow to replace power steering pump in your car.

Core Concepts: Replacing power steering pump.


6. Troubleshooting Steering System

Description: How to troubleshoot a power steering system.

Core Concepts: Troubleshooting steering system.


7. Kingpin Assembly

Description: Functions and how to remove kingpin.

Core Concepts: Removing kingpin assembly.


8. Replacing Kingpin Assembly

Description: How king pin inclination angle (KPI/KPA) works.

Core Concepts: Refitting kingpin assembly.


9. Greasing Kingpin

Description: How to grease kingpins.

Core Concepts: Performing kingpin greasing.

Link: Video on how to grease kingpins - International 4700 

10. Replacing Knuckle Assembly

Description: Replacing knuckle assembly and how to troubleshoot a power steering system.

Core Concepts: Replacing knuckle assembly.


11. Wheel Alignment

Description: Pre -alignment check, factors affecting wheel alignment, importance of alignment and  steering geometry. 

Core Concepts: Performing pre-alignment.


12. Adjusting Toe Alignment on Wheels

Description: Toe-in and toe-out, wheel alignment.

Core Concepts: Adjusting toe-angle.


13. Wheel Chamber

Description: How to adjust camber on a car using camber bolts and steering axis inclination.

Core Concepts: Adjusting camber.


14. Caster Wheel Alignment

Description: What Is caster?  Caster angle, mechanical trail, how steering wheel automatically returns to its center.

Core Concepts: Adjust caster angle.


15. Tire Wear and Diagnosis

Description: Professional tire inspection and service, tire wear and diagnosis.

Core Concepts: Performing inspection on tire wear.


16. Wheel Balancing Methods

Description: Best balancing methods.

Core Concepts: Performing static test drive.

Link: Webpage on best wheel balancing methods 

17. Dynamic Wheel Balancing 

Description: Explanation on dynamic wheel balancing.

Core Concepts: Performing dynamic test drive.


18. What Causes Tires to Be out of Balance?

Description:  How to perform wheel alignment by yourself.

Core Concepts: Performing wheel balancing.


19. How Engine Cooling System Works?

Description: explains how the cooling system works.

Core Concepts: Changing coolant.


20. Thermostatic Valve

Description: how thermostatic valve works.

Core Concepts: Changing thermostat valve.


21. Diagnosing Coolant Leakage

Description: how to find coolant leak.

Core Concepts: Checking leakages.


22. How to Replace Radiator Assembly

Description: Explanation on radiator assembly. 

Core Concepts: Changing radiator assembly.


23. Water Pump Assembly

Description: how a water pump in-car work, how to replace a water pump.

Core Concepts: Changing water pump assembly.


24. Overheating Issues

Description: Diagnosing cooling system issues – OVERHEATING, how to diagnose problems in a car's cooling system.

Core Concepts: Troubleshooting cooling system.


25. Viscosity of Engine Oil

Description: How to change engine oil.

Core Concepts: Changing engine oil.


26. Oil Pressure

Description: Oil pressure switch replacement.

Core Concepts: Changing oil pressure switch.


27. Lubrication System Troubleshooting

Description: Lubrication system faults, causes, and remedies.

Core Concepts: Troubleshooting lubrication system.


28. How To Replace Your Vehicle's Fuel Filter?

Description: Explanation of fuel filter.

Core Concepts: Troubleshooting lubrication system.


29. How Fuel Filter Works?

Description: how to change of diesel fuel filter.

Core Concepts: Changing the diesel fuel filter.


30. How Line Injection Pump Work?

Description: Fuel feed pump for diesel engine.

Core Concepts: Changing feed pump.


31. Bleeding Air From Diesel fuel Lines and Filters

Description: how to bleed or prime a diesel fuel system?

Core Concepts: Bleeding fuel system.


32. Injector Timing

Description: fuel injection pump work, setting injector timing.

Core Concepts: Setting fuel injection timing (in-line type).


33. Construction of Fuel Injector

Description: Working of diesel fuel Injector and how nozzle spray.

Core Concepts: Servicing fuel injector.


34. Setting fuel Injection Timing

Description: Setting fuel injection timing (Distributor type).

Core Concepts: Setting fuel injection timing (Distributor type).

Link: Video on how to set ignition timing with a distributor 

35. Diesel Engine Troubleshooting Chart

Description:  The effects of diesel fuel contamination.

Core Concepts: Troubleshooting diesel fuel system.


36. Sectional and Axillary Views

Description:  Explanations on sectional views and how to create, axillary views and how to create.

Core Concepts: Drawing isometric views for different joint.


37.  Types of the Mechanical Drawing

Description:  Articles on types of the mechanical drawing, differences between 1st angle and 3rd angle projection.

Core Concepts: Interpreting simple mechanical drawing.


38.  Surface Development

Description:  Explanation on surface development, problems-solving on surface development.

Core Concepts: Interpreting simple mechanical drawing.