Media Studies - Class XII Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Traditional Media VS New Media

Description: Traditional media VS new media: difference between traditional and new media.

Core Concepts: Key differences between traditional media and new media.

Link: Video on traditional media Vs new media

2. Evolution of Traditional media

Description: How traditional media evolved into new media over time.

Core Concepts: Traditional media.

Link: Video on the evolution of traditional to new media

3. Media convergence

Description: Media convergence: explanation of the concept with examples.

Core Concepts: Collaboration of media.

Link: Video on media convergence

4. Digital media

Description: Digital media on communication: Impact of technology on communication.

Core Concepts: Digital as a new media.

Link: Video on the impact of technology on communication

5. Impact of technology in human communication

Description: Human communication: the power of technology for a new generation.

Core Concepts: Digital as a new media.

Link: Video on the power of technology for a new generation

6. Orientation to New Media

Description: New media orientation: introduction to new media, new media landscape & characteristics of new media.

Core Concepts: New media world and citizenship orientation.

Link: Video on introduction to new media

7. Evolution of social networking

Description: How and why social networking evolved overtime.

Core Concepts: Use of new media technologies in society.

Link: Video on evolution of social networking

8. Use of multimedia tools

Description: What is multimedia and definition of multimedia.

Core Concepts: Use of multimedia tools.

Link: Video on what is multimedia and definition of multimedia

9. Digital game

Description: Demo of digital game ‘Darfur is Dying’ understanding how a digital game creates awareness on global issues.

Core Concepts: Digital games for creating awareness.

Link: Video on Darfur is Dying game demo

10. Story board

Description: How to create a storyboard.

Core Concepts: Creating a storyboard.

Link: Video on how to make a storyboard for a video in 6 steps

11. Principles of journalism

Description: The 5 core values of journalism explained.

Core Concepts: Journalism.

Link: Video on the 5 core values of journalism

12. Journalism and principles of journalism

Description: e-Learning lesson on journalism and its principles explained.

Core Concepts: Journalism and principles of journalism.

Link: Video on journalism

13. Research Ethics

Description: Ethics in research: definition & explanation of the concept.

Core Concepts: Research ethics vs media ownership.

Link: Video on ethics in research

14. Media ownership

Description: Media ownership: changes in ownership overtime.

Core Concepts: Media ownership.

Link: Video on media ownership

15. Media ownership

Description: e-Learning lesson to examine the tension between research ethics and media ownership.

Core Concepts: Tension between research ethics and media ownership.

Link: Video on journalism

16. Writing News

Description: Steps of writing news.

Core Concepts: Process of news publication.

Link: PPT on the steps of writing news

17. News Report

Description: Creating a news report: writing news.

Core Concepts: Writing news.

Link: Video on creating a news report

18. Global Economy

Description: Who owns the media?: discuss the control of media in the 21st century.

Core Concepts: Global economy and media ownership.

Link: Video on who owns the media

19. Trends in ecommerce

Description: Growing ecommerce trends for 2021.

Core Concepts: Global economy & ecommerce.

Link: Video on growing ecommerce trends for 2021 and beyond

20. Mind mapping

Description: Sample rubrics for mind mapping.

Core Concepts: Mind mapping.

Link: Image on mind map rubric

21. Technological Convergence

Description: Technological convergence: meaning, definition and explanation.

Core Concepts: Technology convergence and media conglomerates.

Link: Image on what is technological convergences

22. Media Conglomerate

Description: Media conglomerate: meaning, definition and use of media conglomerate.

Core Concepts: Media conglomerate.

Link: Video on what is media conglomerate

23. Technological Convergence

Description: e-Learning lesson on technological convergence and the emergence of media conglomerates

Core Concepts: Technological convergence: define and explain the concept

Link: Video on technological convergence and media conglomerates

24. National IP Policy

Description: National IP Policy; IP in Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Intellectual property rights and public domain.

Link: PDF on national intellectual property policy

25. Intellectual Property Rights

Description: Orientation to the Department of Intellectual Property of Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Department of Intellectual Property of Bhutan.

Link: Website of Department of Intellectual Property of Bhutan

26. Politics and media

Description: Impact of media on politics, its role in political debates.

Core Concepts: Political impact of media.

Link: Video on impact of media evolution on politics

27. Media's impact on election

Description: How media impacts and steers the process of election.

Core Concepts: Impact of media on election.

Link: Video on how the media impacts elections

28. Media as a linkage institution

Description: Media as a linkage institution.

Core Concepts: Media as a linkage institution.

Link: Video on media as a linkage institution

29. Alternative Media

Description: Alternative media.

Core Concepts: Alternative media.

Link: PPT on alternative media

30. Rise of Alternative media

Description: Explain the reasons for the rise of alternative media

Core Concepts: Rise of alternative media

Link: Website on media, technology and the global village