Business & Entrepreneurship - Class XI Resources

The following list of online resources are provided as a sample of curated resources. New resources shall be added as we come across interesting and relevant online materials.

1. Objectives of Business

Description: The link offers insights into the objectives of business.

Core Concepts: Economic, human, organisational, micro level and national level objectives of business.

Link: Webpage on objectives of business

2. Factors that Influence the Business Objectives

Description: A video explanation on the objectives and the factors that influence the business objectives.

Core Concepts: Survival, growth, Profit, shareholder objectives, sales, employee satisfaction, market share, customer satisfaction, liquidity and cost reduction, social objectives.

Link: Video on business objectives

3. Classification of Business

Description: Cambridge IGCSE business studies.

Core Concepts: Provides understanding of the business and its classification.

Link: PDF on IGCSE business studies

4. Classification of Business Based on Industry and Commerce

Description: A video tutorial on the classification of business activities.

Core Concepts: Classification based on industry and commerce.

Link: Video on classification of business activities

5. Aids to Trade

Description: The various aids to trade that facilitate trade by removing barriers in the exchange of goods and services.

Core Concepts: Transportation, insurance, warehousing, banking, advertising, and communication.

Link: Webpage on aids to trade

6. Meaning and Types of E-Commerce Models

Description: The article and the video link describe the classes of e-commerce business models and their advantages and disadvantages.

Core Concepts: B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C.


7. Outsourcing

Description: Outsourcing.

Core Concepts: Meaning, benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing.

Link: Video on outsourcing explained

8. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Description: Business process outsourcing (BPO).

Core Concepts: Advantages and disadvantages of BPO.

Link: Webpage on business process outsourcing

9. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Description: Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO).

Core Concepts: Advantages and disadvantages of KPO.

Link: Webpage on knowledge process outsourcing

10. Ethical Business Practices and Social Responsibilities

Description: Business ethics: corporate social responsibility.

Core Concepts: Corporate social responsibility.


11. Meaning and Importance of Supply Chain

Description: The links provides understanding on the concept of supply chain, its process, and the importance.

Core Concepts: Meaning, stages of supply chain, goals, and importance.


12. Supply Chain Management

Description: Introduction to supply chain management.

Core Concepts: Basic supply chain for a product, the strategies, the flow in supply chain.

Link: Video on what is supply chain management?

13. Supply Chain of Coca Cola Company

Description: Supply chain of Coca Cola.

Core Concepts: The process involved in manufacturing and distribution of coke.

Link: Video on coco cola supply chain

14. Inventory Management

Description: The basis of inventory management.

Core Concepts: The effects of inventory management on the financial statement of the company.

Link: Video on inventory management

15. Approaches to Inventory Management

Description: Inventory management approaches.

Core Concepts: 18 techniques of inventory management.

Link: Webpage on inventory management

16. Types of Inventory, Inventory Analysis and Accounting

Description: A complete guide to inventory management.

Core Concepts: Types of inventory, inventory analysis and accounting.

Link: PDF on guide to inventory management

17. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

Description: Economic order quantity.

Core Concepts: Calculations with examples.

Link: Video on economic order quantity

18. Just in Time (JIT)

Description: Just in time approach.

Core Concepts: Concept of just in time (JIT) and examples.


19. First-In, First-Out (FIFO)

Description: First-In, First-out (FIFO).

Core Concepts: Meaning of examples.

Link: Webpage on first in, first out method

20. Meaning and Types of Business Model

Description: Developing business model.

Core Concepts: Meaning, essential components and types of business model.


21. Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Description: Examples of business model canvas.

Core Concepts: Visualizing BMC, BMC of Uber, Tik Tok, Netflix.


22. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Description: Introduction to entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Core Concepts: Entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Link: Video on entrepreneurial ecosystems

23. Creating and Capturing Value in Your Business Ecosystems

Description: Building entrepreneurial ecosystem, stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Core Concepts: Creating and capturing value in Business ecosystem.

Link: Video on creating and capturing value in your business ecosystem

24. Mendelow’s Matrix

Description: Mendelow’s matrix of stakeholder management.

Core Concepts: Managing stakeholders.


25. Stakeholder Engagement: Five-step Process

Description: Stakeholder engagement is a key discipline within project management. The video describes a simple and powerful five-step process.

Core Concepts: 5 steps of stakeholder engagement process.

Link: Video on stakeholder engagement

26. Consumer Protection Act of Bhutan

Description: Consumer protection act of Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Consumer protection.


27. The Basics of Consumer Protection

Description: The basics of consumer protections.

Core Concepts: Consumer protection.

Link: Video on the basics of consumer protection

28. The Overview of the Office of Consumer Protection of Bhutan

Description: The overview of the office of consumer protection of Bhutan.

Core Concepts: Consumer protection.

Link: Webpage on office of consumer protection

29. Types of Business Organizations

Description: The video covers advantages and disadvantages of the three most common types of business organization: The Sole proprietorship, the partnership, and the corporation.

Core Concepts: Sole proprietorship, partnership and joint stock companies/ corporations.

Link: Video on types of business organizations

30. Companies Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2000

Description: Companies Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2000 organization: The Sole proprietorship, the partnership, and the corporation.

Core Concepts: Companies act.

Link: PDF on companies act of kingdom of Bhutan

31. Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

Description: MNCs effects on host government and countries.

Core Concepts: MNC.


32. Startup Meaning and Types

Description: Meaning and concepts of Startups.

Core Concepts: Startup.

Link: Video on what is startup?

33. Ten Entrepreneurial Competencies

Description: Entrepreneurial competencies for successful entrepreneur.

Core Concepts: 10 entrepreneurial competencies.

Link: Video on personal entrepreneurial competencies

34. Importance of Management to a Modern Business

Description: The link (1 & 2) provides concept on the importance of management in a modern business. This resource supplements the learning activity 7.2.

Core Concepts: Management.


35. The Basics of Management

Description: This YouTube video covers vision, mission, objectives, values and culture of the organization.

Core Concepts: Management.

Link: Video on the basics of business management

36. Importance of Human Resource Management

Description: The video describes the importance of human resource management.

Core Concepts: Vision, mission and objectives of an organisation.

Link: Video on importance of human resource management

37. HRM Key Concepts

Description: The video describes different components of human resource management.

Core Concepts: Components of HRM.

Link: Video on English for human resources

38. Risk Management: Literature Review

Description: This journal article may be used as a reference by teacher/learners to understand more about risk management, types of risks and give some examples of companies suffered losses due to risk. Refer page 288-291.

Core Concepts: Risk management, types of risk, examples of companies suffered losses.

Link: Webpage on introduction to risk management

39. Risk Management Basics

Description: The videos (URL 2 &3) cover the basics of risk management.

Core Concepts: Risk and risk management.


40. Risk Matrix

Description: The video describes the principles of internal control..

Core Concepts: Internal control.

Link: Video on risk and how to use matrix

41. Principles of Internal Control

Description: This video explains the concept of risk and risk matrix.

Core Concepts: Internal control.

Link: Video on principles of internal control

42. 5 Components of International Control

Description: This video explains the 5 components identified by COSO.

Core Concepts: Internal control.

Link: Video on five components of international control

43. Equity vs Debt

Description: The video describes the difference between equity vs debt.

Core Concepts: Capital, equity, debt, stocks, bonds, and assets.

Link: Video on equity vs debt stocks and bonds

44. Capital Structure of a Business

Description: The video describes the capital structure.

Core Concepts: Capital structure, and debt & equity.

Link: Video on capital structure of a business

45. Primary vs Secondary Market

Description: Primary markets and secondary market explained.

Core Concepts: Primary market and secondary market, IPO, Securities, bonds, and shares etc.

Link: Video on primary vs secondary market

46. Difference between Primary and Secondary Market

Description: The video explains the concept of primary market, secondary market and IPO.

Core Concepts: Primary market, secondary market, IPO and financial intermediaries.

Link: Video on differences between primary and secondary market

47. What are Money Markets?

Description: The video describes money market.

Core Concepts: Money market, capital market, treasury bills, and certificate of deposit.

Link: Video on what are money markets?

48. What do Central Banks do?

Description: The video explains the roles and functions of central bank.

Core Concepts: Functions of central bank.

Link: Video on what do central banks do?

49. Project Costing

Description: The video provides the brief description of the project cost estimate. The video describes the financial projection for startup (theory).

Core Concepts: Project cost financial projection, balance sheet, cash flow etc.


50. Breakeven Point

Description: The videos explain the Break-even Point with graph and calculation.

Core Concepts: Break-even point, profit, loss, sales volume, and cost per unit .


51. Payback Period

Description: The video explains how Payback period is calculated.

Core Concepts: Payback period.

Link: Video on how to calculate payback period

52. Net Present Value

Description: The video explains the calculation of net present value.

Core Concepts: PNet present value.

Link: Video on net present value explanation

53. How to Calculate the Return on Investment

Description: Calculation of ROI (watch till 2:25 minutes). If the learners want to know more about other examples, the video may be watched further.

Core Concepts: Return on investment, cost, and profit.

Link: Video on how to calculate the return on investment

54. Marketing

Description: The video describes the marketing concept with examples of firms..

Core Concepts: Marketing concept.

Link: Video on marketing concept

55. Promotion Mix

Description: The video describes promotion mix.

Core Concepts: Promotion mix.

Link: Video on promotion mix

56. Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Description: The video describes the differences between online and traditional marketing.

Core Concepts: Traditional marketing, and online marketing(modern).

Link: Video on online marketing vs traditional marketing

57. Digital Marketing

Description: Describes about digital marketing.

Core Concepts: Digital/online marketing.

Link: Video on digital marketing

58. Market Research

Description: The videos explain about the concept of market research and its importance.

Core Concepts: Market research.


59. What is Communication?

Description: The YouTube video describes the meaning of communication.

Core Concepts: Communication, and types of communication.

Link: Video on what is communication?

60. 5 Tips to Overcome Barriers to Communication

Description: The video describes the ways to overcome the barriers of communication.

Core Concepts: Barriers to effective communication, communication skills.

Link: Video on tips to overcome barriers to communication

61. Business Etiquette

Description: The video describes the basics of business etiquette.

Core Concepts: Business etiquette.

Link: Video on basic business etiquette

62. What is Negotiation?

Description: The video provides brief discussion about negotiation.

Core Concepts: Meaning of negotiation.

Link: Video on negotiation

63. Negotiation Techniques

Description: Describes negotiation techniques.

Core Concepts: Negotiation techniques.

Link: Video on negotiation techniques

64. Core Principles of Negotiation

Description: The video discusses the important principles of negotiation.

Core Concepts: Principle/traits of negotiation.

Link: Video on core principles of negotiation

65. Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Description: The video describes the cultural differences in negotiations and conflicts.

Core Concepts: Negotiation.